Breckin37's Ban Appeal

  1. 11 months ago

    Breckin37's Ban Appeal

    Hi I'm Breckin37

    I was banned for xray or cheats.

    I should be unbanned because my shader was a bit glitchy and rarely showed off a sparkle effect on diamonds. I have since deleted this shader and should not use it any longer. I will continue to use 100% vanilla minecraft without any resource. The shader i use was a version of SEUS shaders and a resource pack called Vanilla Restored. Both of these combined created a sparkle effect that would show up 2 or 3 chunks away. I understand the force of action and regret my actions.

  2. Breckin37,
    I am the mod that banned you. Upon research, we have found no evidence of this "sparke effect" of diamonds, especially at that distance.

    "Any form of cheating will not be tolerated - This means anything that gives you an unfair advantage over players who are playing the game the way the game was intended to be played. This includes but is not limited to: non-approved clients (hacked clients, minimaps), abusing in-game glitchs (duping, 0-tick farms, x-ray, breaking bedrock) and xray texture packs." - quote taken directly from our Rules

    This obviously HAS given you an unfair advantage and you chose to use it regardless.
    This appeal is Denied, and this case is now closed.

    We do wish you well on another server.


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