1. 8 months ago
    Edited 8 months ago by Aduritine

    In Game Name: Aduritine (I think it was Aeric12 at the time though)

    Reason for your ban: X-Ray

    Why should you be unbanned: So I remember playing this server around ~3 years ago. I was playing with friends, and decided it would be a smart idea to X-Ray, for whatever reason. I re-found this server when searching for vanilla survival servers, thought it looked cool, tried to join, and realized that I guess I was banned. Could I be unbanned so I can start fresh? I no longer hack/X-Ray/Cheat in any way, and I really don't mind if you need to completely wipe my character, as I came over expecting to be starting a fresh survival anyways. Thank you for your time, and hopefully you can unban me for what I did years ago. (EDIT) I should add that this instance of X-Ray was the first and last time I had done it. For some reason my brain told me "it's a texture pack, so it doesn't count as hacking!" so I had assumed it was 'okay', which it wasn't.

  2. Accounts caught cheating in anyway receive a permanent ban.
    Appeal Denied Gl

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