1. 7 months ago

    Hey Im NinoFaker ingame a lot of people know me and im one of the friendliest pvpers on there... A friend suggested to log into his account and play while since his computer will be repaired by saturday and i accepted he played before... something i didnt know is that he got ip banned previously and he didnt tell me or he didnt know so i logged off and told him he was ip banned.. so he told me that he had some alts and this way he got ip banned he thinks .. now my account is ip banned for that! i swear to never change onto any friends account whatsoever ive done so many things on this server and people expect me back..Im sorry i didnt know this broke any of the rules im gonna be more carefull in the future im sincerely sorry.!
    Yours truly -NinoFaker

  2. You have been pardoned.

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