BlueAce's Staff Application

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    BlueAce's Staff Application

    In Game Name

    18 years old

    Time Zone

    My Strengths
    I enjoy helping people out as much as I can and often give supplies to those who are in need. Im fairly slow to anger and know how to respond to many different situations appropriately. I have been on this server for a very long time and I am familiar with most players on this server. I am a great leader a contributor to any task or goal at hand.

    My Weaknesses
    Once a player has has proved me not to trust them, I no longer expect honesty out of them. I tend to talk a lot whether its a good or bad thing depending on how a player reads it. I like to give out free stuff and sell items really cheap which is bad for the in game economy.

    Why am I Applying?
    I have the maturity and mindset to be a good role model for this server and a great team player. I offer a lot to this server and I don't intend on holding out on anything I can contribute with. I have been on this server for a great deal of time and wish to take a step up to show not only the Admins, but the players that I have what it takes to be an adequate staff member.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): Currently I have 7 million ticks on soles this map but have over 40 million combined ticks.

    To anyone who may have a set perspective of me, I do not wish to change your thoughts about me but to show that any player is capable of change and growth in any area. I will continue to show consistency and persistence as I won't quit on this server. Even if the Admins and players give up on me. I will no longer show my growth and change by my words but rather by my actions. I appreciate your time reading this and I look forward to more fun!!!


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