Selling Wither Skulls/ Beacons

  1. 8 months ago
    Edited 8 months ago by mittins0w0

    Hello all,

    I've recently finished my wither skull farm and I am in the business of selling them. Sadly I haven't seen anyone selling them very often, (rip mamaneon <3) but (un)luckily all my time since I've been horribly sick, was put into slabbing the whole nether and finishing the farm!

    I don't exactly remember what the prices were before, but I think it was 3db for 3 wither skulls and beacons for 4 or 5db, I'm going to follow these rates.

    Im looking to spread the glorious glow of the beacon!!!! And i hope you all enjoy.


    Prices: Wither Skull - - - - - - 3 for 3 diamond blocks
    Beacons - - - - - - 4 diamond blocks each


    Please contact me ingame for trade

    Good day all,
    - mittins0w0

  2. Ronjob

    24 Oct 2019 Suspended

    5 db was mamaneons old price for beacons

  3. ill buy some

  4. Put me down for 3 Wither skulls pls

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