What is the Piggy Bank?

Players can donate as much or as little as the want. When the Piggy Bank reaches $500, a forum post will be made announcing a date and time when a custom boss with a custom head will be spawned in the PVP arena. All players will have a chance to kill and collect the head dropped by the boss.

Check out the store: Here

First Lotto Draw Results:

  • Diamond: CraftyMyner (64 Blocks)
  • Emerald: TowelGodfather (64 Blocks)
  • Gold: Carl_Sagan1 (64 Blocks)
I didn't expect that I was going to win, but for fairness, I gave all my diamonds away. The next lottery might have some extra prizes.

Details: Here

250k unique players, 90k Votes, 122gb of map data, 6.2TB of network data, days since Crafty deleted the server: More than 1 :D!