Rnc Challenge

  1. 10 months ago

    Challenge time: The first 3 people to share a video of them killing a warden with an anvil gets a lore item. The video has to contain proof they are in CM (server commands, pressing tab to view player list, etc.)

  2. Awesome. Far too scary for me though

  3. We win these

  4. Well done CommanderCat! 2 prizes left!

  5. LonelyFlame has claimed a prize! 1 prize left!

  6. I got a video but my laptop is dying

  7. cool

  8. Edited 10 months ago by JackyBoy__

    its there you just cant watch it yet or sometihng

  9. Jacky has claimed the last one! Well done!

  10. "ez" - Abraham Lincoln

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