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  1. 3 months ago
    Tue Feb 18 17:58:23 2020
    TimmyBoyT posted in Nether Update?.

    May as well continue to do what you enjoy until the time comes. It’s not really time wasted even if there is a reset.

  2. Tue Feb 18 16:53:03 2020
    TimmyBoyT posted in How are things?.

    Nice to see you again.

  3. 7 months ago
    Sat Oct 5 01:31:11 2019
    TimmyBoyT posted in I got Greifed :( .

    The next base is going to be amazing! =)

  4. last year
    Sun Dec 2 14:30:26 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in CraftyCrate.

    December 2018 CraftyCrate. The Christmas edition =)

  5. Tue Nov 6 13:42:53 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in CraftyCrate.

    This latest unboxing was rushed because if I didn’t get it done that night I might have to wait a week or two.
    On the one hand I love to share my honest feelings and just have fun with it, but I don’t want to hurt the feelings of the people who put it together, plus I don’t want to dissuade would be donators. Maybe I should just have fun with it and not worry about the politics of it.
    I often don’t understand the significance of some of the items. Sometimes I’m sure there is a story or a meaning that we should get but I miss it.
    Let’s hope the December crate is really good, or really bad so we can have fun with it!

  6. Sun Nov 4 12:41:40 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in CraftyCrate.

    Nov 2018 CraftyCrate

  7. Mon Oct 22 16:56:01 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in I'm back, but can't play.

    You can load the 1.13.1 version in your launcher even if you updated automatically. Just add it and then select the drop down menu on the load button to select the older version.

  8. Mon Oct 22 16:50:49 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in New MVP Forum Tag and 4th Home!.

    Checking if i'm cool...

  9. Sun Oct 14 04:10:12 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in Regarding Farmland light.

    Not sure what problem you had with auto farm, but farmland has been that way for a long time if not always. The block will say light level 0, but mobs don't spawn on tilled land, so that wont be a problem. Some crops require light to grow, but you can't measure the light by standing on the tilled dirt.

  10. Thu Oct 11 19:58:52 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in CraftyCrate.

    Oct 2018 CraftyCrate

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