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    Thu Apr 12 04:07:04 2018

    Not sure I understand. Can you grow trees and use the wood to make coal?

  2. Thu Apr 12 04:04:44 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in Sky Castle WIP.

    Wow, I love this idea. Nice job. I agree with Nerdie, the rainbow road is awesome.

  3. 5 weeks ago
    Fri Mar 16 04:52:34 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in Humfrydog showcase of builds.

    Nice, love the Dragons!

  4. Thu Mar 15 12:49:05 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in CraftyCrate.

    @GoldenCookie420 I know things to do with triple chests ;)

    Should I try making one then? What things? :P

  5. Tue Mar 13 18:30:22 2018

    Gimme the bow... Oh thought it said have to buy all 3 totums.. hmm. thats a lot of stuff.

  6. 6 weeks ago
    Sat Mar 3 23:07:46 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in Buying .

    @GoldenCookie420 I'm buying a totem and a God bow with mending and infinity! :D

    I'll pay more for the bow. ;P

  7. 7 weeks ago
    Fri Mar 2 22:56:08 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in CraftyCrate.

    Latest CraftyCrate:

  8. 2 months ago
    Thu Feb 15 16:54:08 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in Requesting Video Ideas.

    @NerdieBirdieYT That's actually a really fun idea... 10 db might be a bit much, but I could totally woek with this idea! My concern is that not many people accept random tpa requests...

    The gamble is what makes it fun. I can donate half a stack of diamond blocks if you give me a shout out.

  9. Thu Feb 15 14:57:34 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in Requesting Video Ideas.

    How about TPA Russian Rulette? You roll a dice and then players send you a TPA request. If you roll anything except a 1 you give them 10 DB. But if you rolled a 1 or it doesn't look like their base you kill everyone you see! Base coords would be kept confidential of course.

  10. Mon Feb 12 18:35:52 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in Server Offline.

    @NerdieBirdieYT Please don't necropost @TimmyBoyT but yes wonderful job staff ❤️

    Scared you? ;P

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