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  1. 3 days ago
    Sun Oct 14 04:10:12 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in Regarding Farmland light.

    Not sure what problem you had with auto farm, but farmland has been that way for a long time if not always. The block will say light level 0, but mobs don't spawn on tilled land, so that wont be a problem. Some crops require light to grow, but you can't measure the light by standing on the tilled dirt.

  2. 6 days ago
    Thu Oct 11 19:58:52 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in CraftyCrate.

    Oct 2018 CraftyCrate

  3. last week
    Fri Oct 5 06:25:25 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in Connection lost timed out.

    Looks like someone just unlocked another map ;P

  4. Fri Oct 5 04:33:47 2018
    TimmyBoyT started the conversation Connection lost timed out.

    I expect Crafty knows, but just in case, the server has been timing out a lot the last couple of days. I wonder what changed, the server was very reliable for a long time. I hope the problem gets resolved. Had a couple close calls thinking I was in a safe place when I wasn't.

  5. 4 weeks ago
    Sat Sep 15 20:52:02 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in CraftyCrate.

    Sep 2018 CratyCrate

  6. Fri Sep 14 16:47:55 2018

    Wow, what a base! I always feel like a loser after seeing what other people make. My base is just a bug hole ;/

  7. 2 months ago
    Sat Aug 4 08:36:36 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in CraftyCrate.

    Aug 2018 CraftyCrate

  8. Thu Aug 2 12:05:44 2018

    Can We also have an option to discretely perform other actions like .wild and .trade? Sometimes we may not want to draw attention or may even want to fly under the radar with the assumption of being AFK still. Asking for a friend.

  9. Wed Jul 25 10:14:58 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in 2018 Rank Trade Event [ENDED].

    What the... I must be waaay behind everyon else. I just barely have diamond gear, and the enchants aren’t even good! I’ll have to save up for the 2019 event.

  10. Mon Jul 23 18:11:04 2018
    TimmyBoyT posted in What's the gunpowder value?.

    I think iDogeTwinkies estimate is pretty good in the economy of the server in the last version. I expect you could get even more now since Shulker Chests should be in high demand as everyone’s Ender Chests fill up. (And GP helps to speed up travel in the End) Plus I doubt there are many GP farms as of yet. I’d probably start at 2 GP per diamond or a stack for 4DB and adjust as necessary.

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