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  1. 2 days ago
    Fri Jun 24 06:45:03 2022

    It's a mod though? That's not vanilla.

  2. 4 days ago
    Wed Jun 22 06:22:24 2022
    TimmyBoyT started the conversation How to get Goat Horns.

    An example of how to get all the Goat Horns the easy way.

  3. 5 days ago
    Mon Jun 20 18:13:48 2022
    TimmyBoyT posted in AFK Rules Clarification.

    You'll have to get clarification from staff to be sure, but I think the answer to this question hinges on the external software question. Most farms are allowed on CraftyMynes even afk fishing farms, but software programs including macro software are not allowed. For example, it's my understanding that, remapping mouse right click to the up arrow and placing a D-cell battery on your keyboard is okay. You can be eating soup and watching hands free. But doing the same thing by use of a macro isn't allowed. The extended AFK is limited anyway since the server reboots every two hours.

  4. last week
    Sat Jun 18 16:21:48 2022
    TimmyBoyT posted in Server version?.

    Game on.

  5. Thu Jun 16 05:24:58 2022
    TimmyBoyT posted in Server version?.

    Anyone who works 3 full time jobs is obviously a vampire...
    but that's cool.

  6. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Jun 7 13:57:07 2022
    TimmyBoyT started the conversation Base Tour.

  7. Tue Jun 7 08:23:31 2022
    TimmyBoyT posted in Something Is In The Works....

    Is that the "big dig" i've been hearing about?
    Too bad we can't see more of it with this render distance.

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Sun May 29 02:37:16 2022
    TimmyBoyT posted in Photo of new base.

    Very industrial looking. I like it.

  9. 3 months ago
    Thu Mar 24 20:33:08 2022
    TimmyBoyT posted in Symmetrical double zombie grinder.

    it's symmetrical in that the spawners happened to be lined up perfectly and at the same level so both sides can be built exactly the same. In the past when I found two spawners close enough for a double, they were slightly off from each other which was annoying because it had to be asymmetrical.

  10. Thu Mar 24 18:59:57 2022
    TimmyBoyT started the conversation Symmetrical double zombie grinder.


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