The Selfie Thread!!

  1. 8 years ago

    Meh, what the hell. Here the man behind the screen.

  2. -image-

  3. Lemme prepare mine brb

  4. lol 2 hours now. you calling a professional photographer or something?

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  6. yay, me and pimp are not alone

  7. Below we see a wild Crafty in his natural habitat.


  8. Fact: The Crafty likes to hunt for bugs at night, the dark draws them towards his bright screen :D

  9. A wild crafty appears what will you do! Quick throw poke ball!

  10. I love how his clothes blend so well in the dark besides his face this must be a skilled strategy!~

  11. Well I work in the Stage/Lighting/Sound industry, so having blacks is all about not being seen, sometimes when I walk into a store with my blacks on, gloves and steel toes, crescent wrench in hand, they think I'm going to rob the place.

  12. don't forget to take off your ski mask

  13. Oh yeah, eh, they think yer aboot to rob the place sa?

  14. -image-

  15. wth figured i'd toss mine in, my phone not great for pics so quality is sht lol

  16. Deleted 8 years ago by Blackened_Dawn
  17. everyone looks so glam wtf
    - the emo that found a cat hat lmao-image-


  18. pimpcy i'm too ugly to leave the house :P

  19. -image-

    Soviet in the flesh

  20. wow soviet im surprised youre not a socialist supermodel

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