The Selfie Thread!!

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  2. last year
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    arent i uwu as hecc (the gross type of uwu)

  3. no

  4. no u

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  8. but u is you

  9. Almost all of you look way different than I had imagined. Mostly people above 20 here :o

  10. That post picks that is

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  12. 2 girls?

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  15. 11 months ago


    I have been getting ridiculously excited for this server reset... PopeJonn was on the receiving end of this snapchat picture when he asked if he would even see me at all the rest of this week XD

  16. Will be good to see you on

  17. wow this thread is till alive lol

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  19. -image-

  20. how does one post a pic? XD

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    You put the link and do img] [/img with the link in between
    (With completed brackets)

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