Mr_Teddiursa_K's Ban Appeal

  1. 3 months ago


    Dec 8 Suspended
    Edited 3 months ago by Mr_Teddiursa_K

    In Game Name: Mr_Teddiursa_K

    Reason for your ban: apparent hacking?

    Why should you be unbanned: I'm sorry for spamming the server i was just confused about whats happening and the website was broken but i got to it eventually so sorry for that but I dont know why i'm banned and i would like to not be, apparently i was hacking but i got on like 1 second before getting banned so i wouldn't have even had enough time to do that (if i had hacks) this big misunderstanding is fine if i can just get unbanned i would just like to play the game i spent quite a bit of time on. Thanks in advance ~Mr_Teddiursa_K

    PS. if you believe this is not a misunderstanding please contact me (either here or on discord (rekitrelt#4400)) and if it isn't a misunderstanding i wont try to get back on. Thanks

  2. I won't PM you anywhere, we owe you nothing in terms of an explanation. I banned you on the account CherryBun11 for speed hacking in the parkour, then on Stimpy_v7 for using kill aura on a spider outside the pvp arena. following 20+ IP bans because you downloaded a client and think you're immortal.

    I'll continue to IP ban, and suspend your accounts. I have far more time than you do.

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