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    3 Feb 2020 Suspended
    Edited 7 months ago by Asoah

    BANNED for doing NOTHING??? I was just mining then I got banned?!?!??!?! IT SAYS I WAS XRAYING BUT I DONT EVEN HAVE XRAY!??!??! I understand why they mightve thought i was xraying. I got lucky and found a few diamonds. But then the staff BANS me ? Ive never hacked before and the community was so polite i wanted to be in it forever I EVEN wanted to have a YT series on it...

  2. I would ask you to use the proper format but I can't be bothered

    As your friend said:

    This was also a half lie as you still went straight to two veins of iron after those 9 diamonds you xrayed to.
    Unfortunately you should have read our rules as xraying at all is a ban.

    You will remain banned, good luck elsewhere

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