1. 4 weeks ago

    As it is now, if you use a VPN or proxy on the server, your account gets banned and you have to appeal. Pretty much everyone gets unbanned because, well, those are accidents. I believe it would save staff a lot of time if you simply kicked the player instead of banning them, while still telling them that VPN's and proxies aren't allowed. You still get the point across that VPN's are banned, and staff don't have to constantly unban people that accidentally use one. Oh, and you'd stop seeing so many of those ban appeals on the forums, which would declutter everything.

  2. It may surprise you but for every ban appeal that goes up 30 or more bans occur in between and this method is rather good at preventing the mass bot attacks that we all hate so much.

    That being said I will bring it up with Crafty and let him make the decision.

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