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  1. 4 months ago
    Fri Dec 15 02:23:40 2023
    Schlocked posted in A handful of mod suggestions.

    checking in to see if there's an update on these

  2. Mon Dec 4 07:02:49 2023
    Schlocked posted in A handful of mod suggestions.

    bumping to see if there is any update on these so far

  3. 6 months ago
    Fri Oct 20 03:21:31 2023

    @ImKopi Which is totally fine, but I think there should be some kind of disclaimer of "Due to the fact you joined after 2015, you will not be permitted to join any teams nor should expect any help from players". I think that's a fair warning for new players.

    wah wah wah whine whine whine

  4. Tue Sep 26 07:13:34 2023
    Schlocked posted in The Hog.

    Too long, unbearable tts voice, didn't watch

  5. Fri Sep 22 20:29:35 2023

    @TimmyBoyT I’ve always liked CraftyMynes because it is vanilla. I think if you decide to take it semi-vanilla it’s going to be a slippery slope with people wanting ever more and more plug-ins.
    If you want to boost membership I would recommend boosting motivation to vote. I remember for example when we used to be able to purchase elytra by spending vote credits.
    In the same vein but a slight tangent, have you ever considered ban forgiveness? I love that cheaters get banned so reliably (as least from my perspective) but I also believe that many of the offenders could be reformed if given a chance. What do you think about a year long ban vice life?

    I wholeheartedly disagree with your hypothesis that it would become a slippery slope, as the main reason to become semi-vanilla in the first place is to deal with the inadequacies of the vanilla server jar in terms of performance. The server would, and should, stay essentially a survival server. I don't think anyone would even suggest plug-ins on the server, not that they'd ever even be considered.

    How would motivation to vote increase membership? Cm is already #1 in the vanilla category on mcsl, so this does nothing

    I do think that the ban forgiveness is an interesting idea. I've always found it funny that cheaters were allowed to come back on alts and never the originally banned account. Sort of a "if you have money and/or you're not a kid with no job you get to come back" situation.

    @Tez1010 I'm with Timmy on this, I like that CraftyMynes is genuinely vanilla. Most of the core players like that it uses the genuine mojang jar.

    We went round this loop maybe 4 years ago. We had a vote and semi vanilla was seriously considered but I think you would lose as many players as you gain.

    There is confusion out there as to what is vanilla. Vanilla is in a way what you make it. Teleports and homes don't make it not vanilla and let's be honest we enjoy those facilities.

    Getting new people to join is mainly down to three things - votes, critical mass and welcoming. People come on the server because of the first two. They stay when they feel welcome and make friends.

    So how
    to get more votes. Personally, I would love to get rid of phantoms for votes! Rewarding top voters?

    Critical mass - players don't join if they see 0 players on the server. They may as well play sp. They start to join if they see 3 or 4. Maybe some of the staff and loyal players can watch for the numbers being low and join even if they are mainly afk or just for a few minutes.

    Welcome. Making sure to say hello and help new players. Taking time to chat to people. Everyone can help with this. You can also invite your friends.

    The jar being vanilla is essentially just aesthetic for you then, and even if it improved performance you would be against it?

    Vanilla is, technically, an unmodified server jar. If you asked a player though, they would just say "no commands, sethome, or things like that," so someone wanting a vanilla server would not make a scene because the server jar is modified.

    2 of the 3 things you suggested to increase player count are responsibilities of the players, which in my mind, makes no sense. It's up to the people that run the server to attract and maintain a player base. The players that are on the server now are the product of that effort. The third thing you mentioned, votes, I already explained above.

    Votes would matter more though if the server was semi-vanilla, as it would be in a newer, more competitive category. So I would say if the server was to be changed to semi-vanilla, increase voting rewards.

  6. 7 months ago
    Thu Sep 21 01:38:53 2023

    for as long as i can remember, cm prided itself on having the number 1 rated server in the vanilla tab on most server voting sites (mainly mcsl), which probably would have been close to impossible on semi-vanilla. the criteria for being on the vanilla tab was having an unmodified server jar file. seeing as how being #1 in vanilla doesn't seem to be making people flock to the server like it once did, i think improvements to the player experience (i.e. less lag, more player leeway) would be the next choice to bring people in.

  7. Sat Sep 9 19:03:20 2023
    Schlocked posted in birdfrock.

    @babybirdfrock I wasn't cheating.
    It was an accident. and yeah I bet you've made worse mistakes IRL

    rule 3. also, projection.

  8. Sat Sep 9 18:46:31 2023
    Schlocked posted in birdfrock.

    @birdfrock man you people are not all. Total accident, I'm sure you all have made mistakes.
    Man trying to be honest and people just shit on you. I did NOT use it.

    i don't make mistakes like this when it comes to cheating, because i follow the rules. it also doesn't matter if you used it, you logged into the server with it enabled and then admitted to it. you broke the rules.

    Any form of cheating will not be tolerated
    This means anything that gives you an unfair advantage over players who are playing the game the way the game was intended to be played. This includes but is not limited to: non-approved clients/software (hacked clients, clients with minimaps and armour HUD such as badlion, external programs like auto clickers), abusing in-game glitches (duping, 0-tick farms, x-ray, breaking bedrock) and x-ray texture packs. The only mods/clients allowed are listed Here . If you would like a mod to be added to this list please make a forum post in the Suggestions and Ideas section Here .

  9. Sat Sep 9 09:36:37 2023
    Schlocked posted in birdfrock.

    @j____a____r____d -image- is this report just going to be ignored despite the clear precedent that "accidentally logging in with minimap" is still a perma ban?

    he has also edited his forum post in an attempt to hide the mistake and prevent himself from being banned

  10. Fri Sep 8 06:02:40 2023
    Schlocked posted in A handful of mod suggestions.

    it's been a couple months, any update on the mods requested?

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