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    Thu Nov 14 20:38:45 2019
    Schlocked posted in Broken window theory of crime! .

    I am griffer and nurder

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    Sun Nov 3 06:53:12 2019

    @deyahruhd Scenario:

    • I run MC on MultiMC
    • I can not install OptiFine using MultiMC's built in mod dependencies system
    • I can install Fabric Mod Loader
    • I can install Optifabric and run OptiFine on the Fabric Mod Loader
    • I couldn't run unapproved mods on the server

    - Get mod approved

    of course, you went the right route. some people just can't understand that smh

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    Sat Oct 19 01:56:57 2019

    @RuthlessPilot Bruh, fuck outta here with that wuss shit. Fight till death!

    who are you again?

  4. Sat Oct 19 01:24:27 2019

    @outshOtz plz 1v1 me during the stream

    To death or totem pop?

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  6. Fri Oct 18 06:14:25 2019

    @PapaNeon I look forward to seeing all 14 frames of the stream xd

    I have a very good pc now, so it will be streamed in beautiful 60fps!

  7. Fri Oct 18 00:57:23 2019
    Schlocked started the conversation The King of CraftyMynes' Official Livestream!.

    Hello CraftyMynes patrons! It's your gracious king here back with an announcement: I will be livestreaming on Tuesday the 22nd at 6pm PST. During this stream I will be doing giveaways, minigames, and I will be helping the less fortunate players on the server! The items given away during this event will be proportional to the stuff the player already has, so if you're very geared up then you'll get some good stuff to make it worthwhile for you as well. Anyone who tunes in to the stream will also be eligible for EXTRA PRIZES (Must be following my channel on Twitch in order to claim)!

    So to reiterate, the stream will begin on Tuesday, the 22nd at 6pm PST. This may also be a face reveal for your beloved king (Viewer count goal perhaps? Let's see if we can get 20 people watching simultaneously!)

    Click here to go to my Twitch channel! Make sure to follow AND turn on notifications so you know when I go live so you don't miss out on the giveaway at the beginning of the stream! Can't wait to see everyone there!

    This is a Team Eye sponsored event, let's show the rest of my team some love!

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    Sat Oct 12 21:13:02 2019
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