Leo's ban appeal

  1. last year

    In Game Name: LeoClover

    Reason for my ban: I was banned for accidentally logging onto the server with lunar client because I had just previously been using it on my own survival world. I then told a player that I would be right back as I didn't mean to get onto lunar client and then proceeded to leave the game to switch to regular java edition which is of course when a storm came and wiped out the internet. I then logged on an hour later and about 5 minutes after logging in, I got banned.

    Why should I be unbanned: It was just a little human error because I just forgot that I was using Lunar, even though I just left almost immediately. I also never used any mods like waypoints or any other things that would give me an unfair advantage to other players. I apologize for this and I will make sure to double check and switch back to the regular Minecraft launcher if it were to happen again.

  2. Hello, I'm the one who banned you. As much as I believe this could have been an accident, the fact is you got on our server with a hacked client. You felt comfortable enough to hack on your own server, and there's no way to prove you haven't done the same on ours. You lost our trust in your admission and we can't sit around babysitting you to ensure you uphold your word here. I'm sorry if this seems unfair, but your account will remain banned.

    Appeal denied.
    Best of luck elsewhere,


  3. 8 months ago

    Given the circumstances of your ban and our revised approach to this particular situation, you will be unbanned. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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