The Phoenix Discord Unban Request

  1. 4 months ago
    Edited 4 months ago by ThePhoenix

    In Game Name: ThePhoenix#0215

    Reason for your ban: I said "real women don't need makeup #naturalbeauty

    Why should you be unbanned: I didn't break any rules what so ever. Wasn't a jab at anyone it was a simple statement that women don't need makeup to look pretty... but dawn took the tone of a text message the wrong way and banned me which I don't know why because I got no warning and she didn't even ask me in what way I meant it... she just automatically assumed I meant it in a bad way... I don't really get why this is okay... I didn't break any rules which I even double checked after she banned me to make sure..

    So you are telling me that you can say offensive stuff about me saying no one likes it when I go into discord chat but I cant say that women dont need makeup. 2. Why does the month have to do with what I say? I dont even know what day it is.. I dont pay attention to holidays... 3. Toxic because I said one thing? I barley even send anything over discord.... Dawn you literally find any reason to ban me and its ridiculous that I am being punished just because you don't like me... There have been like at least 20 pictures posted about killing furries... That is ok but what I said isnt? what non sense is that?

    I do understand looking back at it and after talking to people that it could be taken in a very very different way and I do apologize for that but I assure you that was NOT my intentions for it to be taken that way.. All I meant was women dont need makeup to look good... Nothing more nothing less.. Yes I could've worded it better but the fact I was instant banned and then talked shit about really doesn't make sense to me

  2. First, a minor correction- you said "real women dont need makeup", the word "real" here changing the phrase quite drastically from a rather nonchalant remark to a rather mysoginistic and sexist one.
    Specifically said right after someone posted a pic of themselves with a rather well done wing and shadow.
    Regardless of original intent, the phrasing was wrong enough to fall under what could be implied as hate speech, more-so it being during a time of female empowerment.

    Second, if you feel that something is wrong enough to use as a "worse than what i did" description, why havent you reported it? Ive not seen it, personally, neither posted or reported. I dont mean to single you out specifically, but you brought it up.

    I will address Dawns statment personally, she seemed to be listing the reasons you were banned at the time, #3 is indeed unnessisary to the list.

    I would also like to see a better focused appeal.
    youve already admitted you can see why people would of taken it the wrong way, accept the bad play for what it is. Less Blaming and taunting of others, please.

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