Looking for friends

  1. 3 weeks ago
    Edited 3 weeks ago by ShaneMyne

    Update: I've found someone to play with now! :)

    I'm looking for a group of players to hang out with, people who I can build something cool with.

    I'm not really interested in PvP and I mostly just collect items and weird blocks (weird enchantments, rare items, useless stuff) - I have a LOT of items stored in my vault already and it's only going to grow.

    I'm interested in Aztec / Mayan architecture, grand temples and things like the Teotihuacan pyramids. I also like building bases in awkward places, like atop mountains or under lava lakes.

    I'm looking for mature but fun people, who are already set up or looking to set up a base in the next week or so.

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