I used xray because I'm an idiot who deserves everything coming to him

  1. 5 months ago

    I made a naughty mistake, and would like to apologize. I came here to play minecraft with my family (because making your own server sucks) and I wanted to impress. I get it. I'm a cheat. If any leniency is allowed, would you let me back in IF I promised to play fairly? If so, feel free to ban me forever if I do anything else suspicious. All I ask is that you consider.

  2. Hello I think I'm the mod that banned you.
    As this appears not to be your username, I think you were Eroar? I am glad you admitted to it, I respect a person that owns up to their mistakes, but unfortunately we have a no tolerance policy for accounts that hacked on here. Sorry, but you will remain banned. Best of luck elsewhere.


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