IIIIIIgitt´s Ban Appeal

  1. 2 months ago

    Hey everyone. You may or may not know me from Crafty Mines. I used to be very active and play a lot with my friends.

    Ban Reason: X-Ray

    The reason for my ban was X-Ray. Yes. I did use X-Ray and trust me I do regret it. I have been banned for a pretty long time now and me not being able to play on Crafty Mines kind of ruined the server for me and my friends. Using X-Ray was a really dumb idea and I regret it ever since I did it. I absolutely assure you that if I will be unbanned, I will never ever use X-Ray again. As I said, it was a really dumb idea and I still regret it a lot.
    I will also understand if you won't unban me because I know that its not easy to trust someone who neglected your trust before. If you unban me tho I will be very thankful and will never use any not allowed midifications ever again.
    Thanks for your time and have great holidays.
    yours sincerely, Moritz

  2. Greetings, IIIIIIgitt o/

    I was the mod who banned you back then for using X-ray indeed.

    While I appreciate your honesty and understand you wish to play again with your friends on CraftyMynes, I must point out that you had the knowledge of how cheating is taken very seriously from one of your friends who was banned for joking about it that time. That itself demonstrates you knew about it but you decided to do it anyway.

    If you were to be given a second chance, every other person who was banned before for cheating would also have to be eligible for a pardon, and we cannot risk the server's integrity nor economy and also since we cannot be constantly monitoring players caught cheating before, every account banned from using hacked clients remains banned, so I'm afraid I cannot pardon you. Sorry.

    I wish you happy holidays and good luck out there. o/

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