Unfair. My last statement.

  1. 2 weeks ago

    I see that i'm banned, _MarkZuckerBurg is a Freind of mine who came to my house (Where I showed him the server IP) He left and i'm guessing the IP stayed that way, If he is a cheater IM NOT! This was DUMB! Blackend_Dawn did not let me talk. And yes I think he was cheating! We play on breaks together and on my lunch break he gets 2 Ningots! (30min) btw. That has NOTHING to do with me! I won't talk in chat anymore if I have to! This is Unfair, I didn't know that if he was at my house and logged in there I WOULD GET BANNED FOR HIM CHEATING! And you should feel bad! As I said I never cheated NEVER will! He WAS cheating I WAS NOT! "Even though the Ip's are the same, GET YOUR IPS CORRECT!!!

  2. Edited 2 weeks ago by Blackened_Dawn

    No honey, you have 3 accounts total under your ip (which is a single ip that are all in a SINGLE location by the way) that were banned for xraying.

    He left and i'm guessing the IP stayed that way

    that's not how that works... also how did this person turn from "Tutor" to "friend"

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