LunarStudio's Ban Appeal

  1. 8 weeks ago

    In-Game Name: LunarStudios

    Reason for your ban: Use of a prohibited client

    Why I should be unbanned: I never actually used Lunar Client on CraftyMynes I used it on a specific PVP server and it was incredibly laggy there. For obvious reasons, I switch to the vanilla client to play on CraftyMynes and I remarked openly how the lag for crystals was instantly gone. A helper messaged me and I told them how I tried LunarClient earlier and the crystals were incredibly slow and they must have assumed that I was using LunarClient on that server. I also remarked separately how the server was being laggy for me but that was probably my internet regardless that doesn't change the fact I didn't use it on CraftyMynes. If I ever said anything contradictory to what I just said, it is most likely either a misunderstanding or an exhibition of my weak English skills. I have thoroughly read the rules beforehand and I know that client is not allowed; therefore, I never used it. It was simply either a misunderstanding, me poorly typing English, or god knows what but in the end I have never played there before.

    As real proof, it would be nice if you could send some real screenshots of me actually playing on the client instead of a set of words, which is the "evidence" I am most likely guessing. I doubt that would be possible since I was never on Lunar in the first place.

  2. G'day,

    I authorised your ban. A staff member came to me with evidence you were using a prohibited client on the server. Based on that I authorised your immediate ban from the server.

    While it was not a hacked client it contains mods that are not allowed on the server. Use of any unauthorised clients on the server will result in a permanent ban.

    This ban is permanent, best of luck on another server.


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