The Width of a Deeper Map

  1. 2 weeks ago

    This might be premature to ask about. Im bothering to ask because we already know the 1.17 map is going to be about a third taller than the 1.16 map. Plus the update seems to be reaching critical mass content wise.

    Will the 1.17 map for Craftymynes be less than 100k in each direction then? Obviusly there will be more data to save for each chunk, and the added vertical space would arguably give players more hiding space up near the build height limit and down in the depths of the new giant caves.

    Have the Craftymynes staff or owner had any thoughts on this, I would love to know, though maybe just because im a bit nosy, lol.

  2. Since player names are only visible up to 32 blocks when behind something, you should be able to build an entire large base in the deepslate layer now without any danger of being seen by a flying player. I'd figure at least a small shrinkage of the map would be in order. But not too much, because not everyone wants to build underground.

  3. I guess im assuming the ground part of a chunk is what takes the most proccessing. Next map, it will be twice as thick, though hopefully not twice as demanding on the server.

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