oHidden's Ban Appeal

  1. 6 months ago


    9 Apr 2021 Suspended
    Edited 6 months ago by oHidden

    In Game Name: oHidden

    Reason for your ban: Chat Violation

    Why should you be unbanned: What I did was WRONG. I'm very very sorry for my disrespect and my bad choices. I have changed completely as a person. I understand your frustration in every way possible and I understand why you banned me. We need to come together as people and realize we ALL make mistakes. And those mistakes come with lessons. What I did was a BIIGGGG mistake. I am sorry. And I will never do it again. Please. Please. Unban me. Thank you. -oHidden

  2. Suh,
    I am the moderator who banned you, I warned you many times to stop what you were doing and yet you kept doing it anyway. I can see this appeal is painfully sarcastic but as this is a minor offence I will give you some leniency and you will be unbanned in 2 days from now.
    - Lonely_Flame

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