Nexinity57's Ban Appeal

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    Nexinity57's Ban Appeal

    In Game Name: Nexinity57

    Reason for your ban: I think this is why I was banned - I was playing a server called redacted earlier the day I got banned (it is a 1.16 server just like redacted btw) then, I was killed so I rage quit and I relaunched Minecraft to hop on CraftyMynes, but what I didn't know was that I was still playing on my other launcher that I ONLY USE FOR redacted (I use Optifine for Craftymynes by the way) . After I got on CrafyMynes, I immediately was in the air due to the client, and then it did some spam dupe glitch thing (I am not sure about this because on the client I use for redacted , I only use the flight hack thing). Then I got kicked and it said some message and I tried relogging but it said I was banned. I immediately was about to restarting Minecraft, and when I opened up the Minecraft launcher, it said "fabric-loader". I then skipped a heart beat cause I was afraid I got banned cause of this dumb mistake, then I deleted the fabric launcher COMPLETELY and immediately tried relogging onto CraftyMynes, but I was banned D:

    Why should you be unbanned: If you still don't believe me you can proceed to ask all the people I've met in CraftyMynes, for example I asked JackyBoy_ to bedtrap me until we get a couple of my heads. I have over 100 deaths before that meaning I wasn't that good at the game but I don't ever want to or plan on using a client on servers that don't allow it. I also died this one time where I lost all my THINGS, my elytra, my shulkers, my armour, my tools, and it took me about a week to get back to where I was before I died showing that it took me effort. I was devastated to learn that I was banned, especially because it was the first server I EVER JOINED in my life because before I used to play on PS4 and I got Java during the end of March and the first server I joined was CraftyMynes, and I promise it was my favorite server. I was also sad that I wasn't even banned because of something on purpose, it was a complete mistake of me as a human. I am just requesting one more chance due to my mistake and I promise nothing like this will occur again. Have a fantastic day everybody :D

    Thank you, from -

  2. G'day,

    I was wondering when this was coming since it was quite a few days ago now. You performed a dupe glitch on the server, whether it be accidentally or intentional (most likely intentional). Either way it's a permanent ban with 0% chance of a successful appeal.

    Best of luck elsewhere.


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