IIIIIIgitt's second ban appeal

  1. 5 months ago

    Hello everyone. I have posted a ban appeal once before but that was half a year ago and I still really wanna play on CraftyMynes with my friends.

    reason for my ban: X-Ray

    reason why I should be unbanned:

    I already admitted to using an X-Ray texture pack and I also already said that I really really regret it. I have been banned for almost two years now and still really want to play on CartyMynes. My friends are still active players on the Server and I am always the only one who can't play. I know that I deserve it because I knew what I was doing back then. But I can assure you that I changed and I promise you that I will never ever use any kind of unallowed modifications again. I would be very very happy if I could by any miracle get unbanned. Again: I really truly regret using an X-Ray Texture pack and I will never do anything like that again.
    Thank you for your time.

  2. Hello there, iiiiiigitt,

    You were caught cheating by September 2020, I don't recall time passing that fast!

    I understand you wanting to return; however, people caught cheating are banned permanently,
    Wish you best of luck elsewhere, iiiiiigitt;


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