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    Sat Apr 20 22:37:17 2019

    You can trade with BlueAce just fine - I believe the "claims" were not found to be from a credible source, nor have any concrete or viable evidence.

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    Sun Mar 24 18:57:42 2019

    Glad to hear of such a positive experience! This is great to hear! Welcome to the server! I believe you'll continue to find that almost everyone is extremely friendly & we have quite a bit of fun on here. Stick around more! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :D

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    Tue Mar 5 00:57:25 2019
    cyquest posted in Loot from a 5k strip mine.

    Yeah, this is very close in design to my strip mining operation I have at another location. This is a good set of images to show the simple analysis of this dig pattern. I was digging an adjacent shaft every 3 blocks, but this one does it every 4 blocks, and appears to being still yielding great results due to how the ore chunks are built/generated in the map. I will probably implement this new method you showed next time.

    Great stuff. Thanks so much for sharing!! Appreciate it. :D

  4. Sun Feb 10 20:05:51 2019

    Awesome vid! Thanks for doing this! Can't wait for another one. Wish I had some more of my build done so it could have made it. :P Oh well - maybe the next one!

    Awesome job! :D

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    Mon Feb 4 01:37:30 2019
    cyquest posted in Mossflower has been discovered.

    Mike - if you have other pics, please post. Would love to see more. Please share more if you can! :D Thanks - beautiful stuff! :D

  6. Fri Jan 25 02:47:31 2019
    cyquest started the conversation Cyquest's Staff Application.

    In Game Name: cyquest

    Age: 43

    Time Zone: Central Standard Time (Dallas, TX, USA)

    Strengths: I have been playing Minecraft since the Beta (version 0.7 I believe), so it's been, surprisingly to me, a very rewarding experience, especially with making new friends online. As a result, I'm fairly familiar with the game inside & out (still have the Minecraft wiki up on my 2nd monitor sometimes though just in case), especially from a vanilla standpoint which I prefer playing (although I have played on other mod-supported servers before). Regarding previous experience: My wife (PiscesKitty317) and I were Admins for the owner of a previously popular, somewhat vanilla-based survival Minecraft server about three years ago (that server is no longer online) and I enjoyed being able to help build & maintain that community for the owner. We did regular in-game builds and we helped players pretty regularly, but also moderated as needed, built spawns and necessary areas for new map version implementations, support the owner's desires to help advertise, vote, and support/promote the server, etc. As a data analyst, I approach all the evaluation of all situations online with as much logic & information gathering FIRST, before making decisions. It is critical that, whomever is staff, I feel a person should always conduct themselves professionally, but also work to best protect the friendly environment & integrity of the server - this is, and I feel must be, PRIORITY ONE. Otherwise, the server's purpose is forfeit and chaos ensues, resulting in negative player / end user experiences.

    Weaknesses: Not on during the daytime or early mornings usually. I'm usually a late afternoon / evening player / late night player as I work from home during the day with my business I own & run.

    Why you are Applying: I've had many positive interactions with staff members that are currently active (Nysic, Tez, Otakuinalaska, Nicnicnico, Jaceneedscoffee, etc) and I've had a few other staff members notice that I've been friendly with players, in particular, newcomers onto the server. I feel kind of bad that no one is there to help them sometimes, as being new (and especially that this particular spawn point on this map happens to be smack-dab in the middle of an ice-spikes water biome) can be a little intimidating when you first see a server such as this. So I'll always try to welcome them and help them get started, which is very quick & easy to do. Another reason for applying is that, unfortunately, I have sometimes noticed a lack of any staff members (any rank) being online during the late evening, current night-time hours (at least as of the past few weeks I think). So it's been a little frustrating that a few new people cannot be helped. In conjunction with this late night game-time I engage in, we've had to deal with... unfortunately... the internet troll trash. Again, during times that I have played late at night, there are the remote few instances when these immature children come online (doing the usual: spamming, URL links, all caps, constant immature content discussions, racial spam slurs, etc) and they begin creating negative problems for the server, but I cannot do anything to get them to stop because again, no staff happens to be online at those particular times (although I will post to the discord channel for help when necessary). I'm certainly not mad or pointing fingers or something like that, I'm just frustrated that I cannot help take care of those instances or problems myself to help with the maintenance of a friendly server, which I have surprisingly come to enjoy quite a bit with others since my wife & I have been playing on it (since July 2018). So... I'm a little defensive of the server.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 47,767,069.

    Custom Note (optional): In applying for staff - I want to help propagate the friendly environment of the server by creating a positive experience, while above all else - maintaining the integrity of the server, the server's staff, and by the rules set forth of the owner. If you do not need additional staff at this time, I certainly understand - I will still help newbies or report a problem on a regular basis as necessary. Just hope I can help everyone out and be a part of creating a great experience for the server while supporting staff and the owner. Thank you for your consideration & time - it is greatly appreciated. Please contact me for any additional information you may need that I didn't think to include, or if you may have specific questions for me personally. Let me know if I can help.

    - Cyquest

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