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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Sep 1 02:09:57 2021
    cyquest posted in Axelthunder's Ban Appeal.

    See your original ban response by staff in your link for details.

  2. 7 months ago
    Sun Jan 24 06:14:28 2021
    cyquest posted in want to buy the dragon egg.

    Yeah, uh, that would probably not happen. LOL

  3. 11 months ago
    Wed Oct 14 18:20:43 2020

    Long Live CraftyMynes! :D Thanks for building, and most importantly, keeping a server like this still running after all this time for people to enjoy. It's a blast! Thanks again. :D

  4. Mon Sep 28 08:38:55 2020

    Ban Appeal Approved.

    Thank you for changing the name.

    Please review all rules related to the server before & when playing on CraftyMynes.

    Thank you.

  5. last year
    Tue Jul 14 16:48:37 2020

    Only $4,788.

    Absurd. LOL!

    Glad you kicked that down the street and said "Thanks, but no thanks, I'll build one myself." :D

  6. Thu Jul 9 03:02:03 2020
    cyquest posted in BabarusaBest's Ban Appeal.

    I am the staff member who banned you.

    You have fully admitted, both in game and here, that you have used a cheat client on our server at some point in time.

    Any form of cheating is not tolerated on CraftyMynes.

    This means anything that gives you an unfair advantage over players who are playing the game the way it is originally intended to be played by design. This includes, but is not limited to: non-approved clients / software (Cheat or “hack” clients, clients with mini-maps like Badlion, external programs like auto-clickers), abusing in-game glitches (Duping, 0-Tick Farms, X-Ray, Breaking Bedrock) and X-Ray Texture Packs.

    This is covered in the rules that you agree to by default upon immediate entry onto the server. Ignorance of or failure to read the established rules does not constitute exclusion from the consequences from breaking any of them at any point in time.

    In specific regards to cheating: In order to maintain the integrity of the server, any & all accounts found to be cheating are purged from the server immediately & permanently forbidden from returning.

    Appeal Denied. Player is Banned.

  7. Tue Jun 30 00:28:13 2020

    Thanks for trying to upgrade the server! :D We look forward to this endeavor with high hopes! :D

  8. Mon Jun 22 16:48:49 2020
    cyquest posted in NotBrandon867 Ban appeal.

    I am the moderator of the server who banned you.

    You were warned in game & kicked from the server by staff about a dozen times for your constant violation of using caps. While a minor offense, it becomes quite tiresome of staff to be repeating themselves. You know where the caps lock key is, and you continued to choose using it. Understand that it is considered poor etiquette for the main in-game chat to constantly be using this methodology to communicate, and over time can or will be considered spam to the server, as well as an annoyance to users.

    Please reference the Rules of our Server posted here in the forums and brush up on your chat skills before you return.

    You will be unbanned from the server in 24 hours from this notification post.

  9. Sat Jun 13 18:53:40 2020
    cyquest posted in 1.16 Update!.

    Anytime there is a huge, major update to the game, a map reset is always best to ensure proper data integrity and avoid glitches & errors in gameplay, all the while making sure all new feature are fully available & accessible to the players. Therefore, a map reset is usually best in these circumstances. While it's always sad to let things go, it's fun to move forward with the new maps, new friends we'll meet that come online, and all new features to see & experience! This upcoming update is perhaps the largest yet. It should be a very enjoyable experience for us all.

    Be sure to take lots of pictures for posterity! :D

  10. Sat Jun 13 07:48:57 2020
    cyquest posted in hi yeah server.

    Come back and hang with us soon! :P

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