Banned for Exploit

  1. 11 months ago

    I had a feeling it might happen because it was so easy, I had no idea it was considered an "exploit"
    Without giving it away in case it isn't common knowledge, I found a lot of diamonds because I knew where to look for them. I didn't use any glitch or unnatural means. I had thought exploits were when we abuse a defective game mechanic. The means I deployed doesn't seem much different than knowing what level is best to search. I hope I can be forgiven for not knowing this is considered an exploit. I had expected maybe I would get falsely accused and then I would explain the newly discovered situation to Crafty. In retrospect I should have known the staff would be aware of it and I should have asked about it when my spider senses were tingling. Please pardon me.

  2. Hello, I am the mod that banned you.

    First I would like to note that I appreciate you not giving the method away.
    After getting some second opinions some things were pointed out. It very much seems, and I believe Mojang stated, that it's not intentional for the pattern to exist and is a bug in world generation. Another thing brought up is that ignorance of the rules is not an excuse, and the rule around exploiting is zero tolerance. I'm sorry but this appeal is denied for the stated reason and this account will remain banned.

    Best of luck elsewhere,

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