SykoYT's ban appeal

  1. 11 months ago

    I just can't think about anything innapropiate I have said. I got banned after not talking for 15 minutes and being offline for 30 minutes. The only "weird" thing I can think of is that I typed in a FAMOUS SPANISH SONG LYRICS. I don't considerate that as a "Chat Violation" although. Some other users (vip/mpv's) use more agressive or insulting words through chat.
    I apologize for whatever I did, but I still want to know what I typed and WHY I got banned after 45 minutes of not talking.

  2. Practice good chat etiquette

    Don’t use caps, don’t spam, don’t discuss controversial, sensitive or offensive topics (e.g. sex, sexual identity or preferences, race, politics, religion, drugs, etc.), no advertising, no links, no trolling. Please only use the minecraft font and English in global chat.

    This is not the first time you were warned for speaking spanish in public chat, please refrain from doing so, and it doesnt matter if you weren't speaking for 45 mins, a report can take up to 8 jts before a response.

    Youll be pardoned in 3 days

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