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    Wed Oct 18 04:03:57 2017

    Where's the members

  2. Mon Oct 16 14:05:55 2017

    i dont think it would be that hard. i dont do any server work but it seems that crafty could just add onto the already existing logging system

  3. Mon Oct 16 13:59:04 2017
    JSN_ posted in what is a diamond worth??.

    aint it worth 8 emeralds

  4. Fri Oct 13 23:31:17 2017
    JSN_ posted in Advancements.

    @NerdieBirdieYT @JSN_ They are still my friends and many of them are Friend role in NN Discord; most of us still keep in touch and talk a lot :) Didn't lose much reputation in the end, and certainly didn't lose friends.

    As @WBlaine said, let's keep this thread on track. PM me if you have disagreements and we'll chat there.

    @GrandpaCarl00 @jsn @NerdieBirdieYT @javonjw

    in general, why the hell ya'll revived an old ass argument out of the blue that died a few weeks ago?

    honestely the smartest decision would just be to just drop it lol there's a reason why threads keeps getting locked left and right


    Not rly but ok

  5. Fri Oct 13 20:22:32 2017
    JSN_ posted in Advancements.

    @NerdieBirdieYT @JSN_ And now there won't be any mole problems :P Also, you're banned, so I wouldn't be talking if I were you. Hush.

    Are you sure about that? Also, what're are u tryna imply that im banned. Least I didn't create a faction that prolly hurt more people that joined more than helped. I still haunt craftymynes bud. I'd rather be banned then lose the rep and trust of the people in my faction who were probably my friends aswell.

  6. Fri Oct 13 12:57:27 2017
    JSN_ posted in Advancements.

    @NerdieBirdieYT I feel bad for people like @SharpSerac who don't have many accomplishment and thus must repeat the same one over and over to feel good about themselves. :/

    @Argail Nice! I have that one as well but does anyone have them all?

    I feel bad for people like @NerdieBirdieYT because he gets raided by Team Eye like every 15 minutes so he gotta kick out basically all of his members. *accomplishments btw

  7. Thu Oct 12 14:44:59 2017

    if u tryna go for better gaming performance go for better processor more or a better gpu or if u want overall working performance just follow these

  8. Thu Oct 12 14:41:36 2017

    @Qfu What an alt l u l

    what an inactive player lul

  9. Wed Oct 11 13:33:15 2017
    JSN_ posted in Nerdnation: Applications.

    I rep that Team Eye

  10. Wed Oct 11 13:30:14 2017

    @HaloNest It would be wrong if it had more than one parkour area in my opinion, and same for the arena.

    They would drag away players from playing survival.

    Bro i think has a sharp has a good point the 1v1 arena will make a nice addition just like parkour people need to go into survival anyways to get the supplies for a 1v1 anyways if they're completly new. tbh parkour and arena are basically harmless so i guess a 1v1 arena could be a nice experiment

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