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    Mon Jan 21 02:24:10 2019
    pand1024 started the conversation 37600% Efficient Cactus Farm.

    I thought players here would appreciate this!

  2. 6 years ago
    Wed Jun 20 02:42:10 2018
    pand1024 posted in Net Neutrality.

    @WBlaine Are you claiming that, as a result of net neutrality repeal, memes will cease to exist?

    Memes aren't threatened because of net neutrality repeal specifically, but Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive proposal would require content recognition technology. This does present a threat to memes.

  3. Fri Mar 16 08:47:03 2018
    pand1024 posted in To crafty and staff about VPN.

    If you use a VPN, you run the risk of using the same IP as someone who is ip banned, because other people may also be using the same VPN provider.

  4. Thu Feb 8 03:43:40 2018
    pand1024 posted in 3D Hovercraft.

    Very nice. If I could offer criticism. Something about the render settings is making for a grainy shadow on the ceiling. Wood texture looks like it doesn't have a normal/bump map. Also the way the wood texture color is changing between the first and second shot makes me think that you are using sRGB I could be wrong. I'm not familar with 3ds max in particular but a lot of 3d modeling software default to sRGB and you should never ever use it because it calculates colors all wrong. That said I could be wrong I am no pro.

    @Carl_Sagan1 Hello guys and girls I just finished this model and i'm excited because it's the best one i have done so far and i'm improving. I know it has nothing to do with Minecraft but im just excited. :) Hope you like it.

  5. Wed Jan 24 22:45:26 2018
    pand1024 posted in how!!?!!?!?!?.

    @Abbasilol What kind of foul Sorcery is this?

  6. Tue Sep 19 00:25:10 2017

    That twisted building is awesome.

  7. Tue Sep 12 20:21:26 2017
    pand1024 posted in University in full swing.

    I did my undergrad and I hope I never have to deal with school again.

  8. Thu Aug 31 11:04:24 2017
    pand1024 posted in Triumphant return!.

    On another stint of absence, but welcome back James. If you have internet access but some sites are black listed you can try getting around that, by rerouting your connection or tethering to a mobile connection, not that I would suggest that.

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    Mon Jul 10 16:30:27 2017
    pand1024 posted in Goodbye for good .


  10. Thu Jul 6 04:45:41 2017

    @The3xpertGamer Exactly. You see, we must save the world including the zombies from the villagers, but the zombies are already dead, so we can kill them.

    For the record, I 100% disagree with your anti villager sentiments. I was just pointing out the lack of internal consistency.

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