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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Wed May 2 01:58:08 2018
    javonjw posted in Here's my farm, lets see yours.

    @rice__ that farm has recently been renovated that he posted you should ask him for a tour

  2. 3 weeks ago
    Mon Apr 30 20:19:35 2018

    wow that last renovation is so beautiful @iwarriiori

  3. Sun Apr 29 12:17:20 2018
    javonjw posted in Server friendly auto farm?.

    i think that farm was renovated and its design is server friendly now

  4. Wed Apr 25 19:45:22 2018
    javonjw posted in Esepolis.

    It was incredible but not as incredible as it was after @iwarriiori renovation services

  5. 5 weeks ago
    Tue Apr 17 12:35:09 2018

    The logo is cool the colors are kinda weird though like a anaglyph 3d picture

  6. 8 weeks ago
    Sun Mar 25 20:46:50 2018
    javonjw posted in Base.

    screen shot of your base @Qfu

  7. 2 months ago
    Tue Mar 13 16:42:48 2018

    @MaggiAusDaKann i have always sold in bulk i dont like nickel and dime transactions

  8. Tue Mar 13 15:48:14 2018
    javonjw started the conversation Few totems and items for sale bulk.

    Few items for sale must buy all. 3 totems 1 totem enchanted rare 1 extremely rare team eye banner 1 God bow with mending infinity not in picture 10 notch apples. i have not been playing much so i decided to sale a few of the things in my collection so others can enjoy them on the server must come with legit offers you can private message offers


  9. Tue Mar 13 01:47:31 2018
    javonjw posted in Livestream - March 11.

    i had a video i made on clash royal on youtube i was playing music in back ground and they said i was play copyrighted material but there was a option to mute it on youtube but its been a while so i cant remember how i did it @NerdieBirdieYT

  10. Tue Mar 13 01:33:26 2018
    javonjw posted in Livestream - March 11.

    thats youtube for you with the copyright take down at least on twitch they just automatically mute the portion of the video that might have copyrighted material and not take the whole video down

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