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  1. 4 days ago
    Thu Feb 15 00:26:06 2018
    javonjw posted in My new PC build.

    just upload to craftymynes discord pictures @drkc97 then you can copy the link and post it here

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Feb 3 16:01:54 2018
    javonjw posted in Requesting Video Ideas.

    Get into pvp and at least people might be able to watch you gradually get good i know you said you don't pvp but hey thats something new something different. I was kinda thinking the same there is not much to do on the server but build build and build but that gets boring and i am not much into building anyways i would come on the server for the people and the community the server needs something to spice it up a little and lately it just seems to be full of trolls and hackers

  3. 3 weeks ago
    Sun Jan 28 14:26:13 2018
    javonjw posted in My new PC build.

    he might get like 500 to 1000 fps @JKELLER4000 all depends on texture pack he is using
    With a build i made close to this one on 7 days to die ,csgo, pubg, ark ,the division 60fps Rust about 100 fps

  4. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Jan 16 05:49:02 2018
    javonjw posted in What Just Happened Lel.

    clear is not broken @russiangirl504 its disabled

  5. 5 weeks ago
    Sun Jan 14 22:55:09 2018

    nvm @Gminipug14 i see new people now get leather again I am sorry about my last comment

  6. Sun Jan 14 22:30:10 2018

    @Gminipug14 new accounts don't get leather something sounds fishy here

  7. Tue Jan 9 04:07:18 2018
    javonjw posted in Old Fashioned God Bow.

    @NerdieBirdieYT @SharpSerac actually takes his everywhere with him in the arena and raids and day to day activity but i think he has like 3 or 4. I have one but i only take it out for people in the funbox

  8. 6 weeks ago
    Sun Jan 7 04:44:12 2018

    The poll does not bother me but by him saying this
    ""Hijacked96 Dec 17
    It's going to get spamfucked by TE and their alt accounts but I don't care.
    You need a Google account in order to submit a response. This is so that you can only vote once.""

    was already putting a negative image in peoples minds about team eye .

  9. Mon Jan 1 20:07:41 2018

    @iLuka21 fill out application
    Here is the application, be honest and truthful.



    When did you first join CraftyMynes?:

    What is your tick count?:

    How experienced are you in PVP?:

    How do you like to play the game?:

    Tell us about yourself (anything you'd like us to know, or general information about hobbies etc.):

    What do you like about Team Eye? (At least 50 words, no more than 150):

    Why do you want to join? (At least 50 words, no more than 150):

    What do you bring to the table? (At least 100 words, no more than 200):

    What sets you apart from the other applicants? (This is the most crucial question, write as much or as little as you want, but put thought into it):
    If you have filled out the application honestly and would like to submit it, you can. If you would like to privately apply, you may send this application to me in a private conversation.

  10. 8 weeks ago
    Sat Dec 23 19:45:35 2017
    javonjw posted in Server down?.

    hope @BaronBattleBread can finish his live stream when the server starts back up

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