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  1. last year
    Mon Oct 12 18:58:36 2020

    Retired player but thanks Crafty had fun when I played will send my kids nieces and nephews to Craftymynes as long as its around.

  2. 2 years ago
    Thu Apr 30 18:58:40 2020

    Renovation services by @iwarriiori was long overdue for this property loving result. I would hire these services no questions asked

  3. Tue Jul 23 14:26:22 2019
    javonjw started the conversation Has ranks been tied to user id yet.

    Just wondering if ranks are tied to userid yet was thinking about name change but i know in past you loose rank if you changed name . If not has it been looked into recently i know in the past it was not possble

  4. 3 years ago
    Wed Apr 17 18:53:23 2019
    javonjw posted in <> T h e E m p i r e <>.

    I would love to join The Empire after king Sharp was booted from my Team i have had no one to follow and KingEye seems to be a perfect fit for me its a easy ajustment.

  5. Tue Mar 26 20:09:21 2019

    @humfrydog refunded

    I was not asking for a refund just wanted to know if you recieved it, but just use paypal i think its easy and if you are going to use paypal i will donate again.

  6. Mon Mar 25 20:26:51 2019

    @humfrydog Well it was a good idea i think but something went wrong. its been frozen by go fund me and may end up costing me money out of pocket. so I guess we will need to find another way to gift defaults.

    Yeah it wouldnt let me donate on gofund me so i just used the pay pal did you recieve that

  7. Thu Mar 14 20:17:34 2019
    javonjw posted in Cloud9 / CraftyMuseum.

    Wow another L how did they find this place

  8. Tue Mar 12 16:05:28 2019
    javonjw posted in Buying a creeper spawn egg.

    500 stacks diamond blocks and 4 dubble chest of totems

  9. Thu Feb 21 23:12:05 2019

    how much

  10. Fri Feb 15 15:50:59 2019
    javonjw posted in Yelloms' 1.13 Base.

    Another inside job it seems

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