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    Wed Apr 24 11:19:46 2019
    Czechmate posted in Purchase Your Base!!.

    yes, I saw that. Thanks for clearing it up. I just wasn't sure I was misinterpreting something.

  2. Tue Apr 23 18:28:33 2019
    Czechmate posted in Purchase Your Base!!.

    So is there an option to move your base from 1.13 to the new world?

  3. Mon Aug 6 18:01:38 2018

    I wish I could take credit for its origin. Alas it’s from a T-shirt I picked up in Prague.

    My wife is Czech and I’m her mate so it really stuck with me.

  4. Thu Aug 2 18:40:37 2018

    Oh yeah and I like to build secretive bases with micro farms and grinders.

  5. Thu Aug 2 18:39:23 2018

    I’m not part of a faction but I’m interested in playing with others.

    I can be rude but I’m not a dick
    I only raid what I find, that is I do not betray trust.

    Was part of nerdnation for a while but they had a lot of rules against profanity and raiding that I just don’t fit me well enough. Left on good terms.

    So anyway if you don’t find a faction but are interested instead in a smaller group dynamic look me up in game. Maybe we can build something together or raid someone stuff.

  6. Sun Jul 29 21:44:31 2018

    A mushroom walks into a bar, sits next to a beautiful woman and asks, “may I buy you a drink?”. The woman says, “you can’t buy me a drink you’re a mushroom.”
    The mushroom replies, “but I’m a fun guy”

  7. 2 years ago
    Thu Aug 10 23:49:04 2017

    Keep trying. Edit out nonessential bits. Only about 6 minutes of that was really of any interest.

    Have a plan. Go into each episode with a goal in mind.

  8. Sun Jul 16 16:52:33 2017
    Czechmate posted in To the Staff.

    Ditto. I've been kicked twice when bots came on and duplicated my txt but it was minor and warranted. It took can of the bot quickly.

  9. Wed Jul 5 03:16:48 2017
    Czechmate posted in Custom Advancements?.


  10. Wed Jul 5 01:40:47 2017
    Czechmate posted in Custom Advancements?.

    Yeah it was a good idea I was just giving it a name. :D

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