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  1. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Aug 1 14:58:03 2018
    _Drachenzorn_ posted in It’s been fun.

    Its retro's moment. IDogeTwinkie, stop being an A hole. No offense. You will have yours too, Im sure. As for retro, take care bro.

  2. 7 weeks ago
    Tue Jul 31 16:14:57 2018
    _Drachenzorn_ posted in Why cant I join?.

    NVM. I can join now. Ive been trying to join the whole day

  3. Tue Jul 31 16:13:21 2018
    _Drachenzorn_ posted in Why cant I join?.

    Im stuck in the same spot

  4. Tue Jul 31 13:48:16 2018
    _Drachenzorn_ started the conversation Why cant I join?.

    Always disconnected or timed out. I used all my three accounts on three different laptops. I dont think its client side problem. Is the problem on the craftymynes server? Please check

  5. last year
    Fri Dec 16 08:29:55 2016

    I think its not a good idea to ask for help in a general chat. If I were you Ill make a private conversation with you think are thrustworthy. I would be skeptical of all people esp the ones they say they are not griefer. Cause in my exp, most of the time they are. (No offense Bob)

  6. Fri Dec 16 06:09:21 2016
    _Drachenzorn_ posted in 16w50a.

    Haha kinda reminds me of Ark Survival PVP style using Pteranodon

  7. Sun Dec 11 22:38:15 2016
    _Drachenzorn_ posted in Nub Help.

    @HaloNest Keep waiting, the fourth one is the lucky one, always


  8. Fri Dec 2 05:34:37 2016
    _Drachenzorn_ posted in Counting Crafty's Pizzas.


  9. Wed Nov 30 13:27:57 2016
    _Drachenzorn_ posted in New ServerBill/MVP Rank Color.

    admin, mods and helper should also have bold colors. I know there are ranks within them.

  10. Sun Nov 27 00:04:35 2016
    _Drachenzorn_ posted in The Woodland Mansion Raid..

    Dang I havent seen one of these since release. They are super rare.

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