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    Thu Jan 18 02:28:06 2018

    @Stone__Warrior @CraftyMyner You should try to fix this! :)

    Here's a way you could do it:
    You could add a filter to the server panel to detect messages (regex form): \w+ [(]formerly known as \w+[)] joined the game. I'm not sure yet how to use regex capturing groups, but you probably know how to do that. Then you can code it to run an automated command that will disable the server tagging the specified player as new via /scoreboard or something.

    Or it could just be a /give command that gives you armor instead of replacing what you are already wearing...

  2. Wed Jan 17 01:47:08 2018

    @banaanzxcvbnm Bro sounds super lame i know but change your name back maybe you get it back :D

    It doesn't work that way, your items are not stored with your name. My theory is that there is a replaceitem command that replaces your iron armor if a certain scoreboard is 0, and then it sets that scoreboard to something higher.
    When you change your name your scoreboards reset. But I am sure that you don't get items back if you change your name. Also you can only change your Minecraft username once a month.

  3. Mon Jan 15 22:34:54 2018


  4. Sun Jan 7 20:30:35 2018
    Urid posted in World Painter.

    @Retrochewy Please don't spam me with requests, I can only handle 2-3 worlds a week and I also have a life.

    Can you give multiple players the same map?

  5. Sun Jan 7 20:29:25 2018
    Urid posted in World Painter.

    @Retrochewy Please note if you use this for a minecraft map you have to credit me

    If you use a minecraft map... for a minecraft map.
    So, basically, if someone plays in one of your maps, they have to credit you?

  6. Sun Jan 7 05:18:50 2018
    Urid posted in CraftyCrate.

    @JKELLER4000 you should next time get the craft crate near a double chest to try to make a triple chest :)

    What would happen if you put it between 2 double chests?

  7. Sat Jan 6 20:51:38 2018

    @Hijacked96 Alright. Make your own poll. Prove to me that this poll that I created was "obviously rigged". Not like that's going to be the CraftyMynes equivalent of a North Korean election. It's totally going to be a fair and balanced poll with multiple factions to vote on.

    All that this poll showed was what factions players did not hate, not whether they approve of them as factions.

  8. Wed Jan 3 03:22:05 2018
    Urid posted in ok but why.

    @Fingerbib im confused. where context

    @JuraraJupiter that's abusive

    that's the context

  9. Wed Dec 27 04:04:50 2017

    @MistakeMade @HaloNest It's my one sided biased opinion. Movies never have appealed to me. I prefer to watch cartoons over movies, call me childish if you wish but I've never really cared for Star Wars or any movie. I prefer animated over realistic.

    then why post your opinion

  10. Mon Dec 25 01:07:44 2017

    @_Yul -image- heh

    That's because players don't like raiders and griefers.

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