SurvivalsWraith Ban Appeal

  1. 2 weeks ago


    I was banned for Caps/Spam

    The reason I think I should be unbanned is because a few moments before I was in the PVP arena, I was asking Samurai (A player) if he could come to the arena to fight. I suppose it was Spam because when I was asking him I said Please! Please! (In two seprate messages) And he agreed to come, Then he came and I said Fight, Hurry! (In two seprate messages) Also ive already been warned enough times from when I used caps when I first started playing this is going to sound like a complete lie but whatever, I got a new keyboard because of my friends sister breaking it. It has a slightly different layout then my old 60% did, Sometimes I would press caps instead of shift. And if I do get unbanned I will try my absolute BEST to not spam or use caps again, Besides that thanks for reading and keep this server going!

  2. Greetings, SurvivalsWraith,

    I am the mod who banned you for spamming / capsing the main chat.

    I do not know about your PMs - what I do know though is that it's not the first time you've been warned for breaking chat rules, not only by myself, but also from other staff members.
    Please keep in mind that although this is a minor violation, it gets annoying having to repeat ourselves various times.

    With that said, since this is your very first ban appeal, it will be lifted in one day, after this response.

    P.S. Further chat violations will end in longer bans, so be mindful.

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