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    Fri Apr 26 22:43:01 2019
    Dice_Boken posted in CraftyMynes and 1.14.

    @CaptXenon any idea when the server will be back online?

    Is it down again? I’m at work and can’t tell.

  2. Wed Apr 24 23:16:10 2019
    Dice_Boken posted in CraftyMynes and 1.14.

    @Xenon Is the server down?

    Yeah but Crafty is working on it.

  3. Wed Apr 24 00:27:24 2019
    Dice_Boken posted in CraftyMynes and 1.14.

    It's great to be back. 1.14 looks fun.

  4. Sun Aug 19 05:02:04 2018
    Dice_Boken posted in Uh, random death? .

    A phantom killed me the other day. My first death on the 1.13 server. 36 levels gone, now I'm at 16 smh. Phantoms can go and do one.

  5. Fri Jul 27 23:08:07 2018
    Dice_Boken posted in crafty crates and loot crates?.

    @Inyashi Magic meat is still obtained from voting at 2 meat per vote plus 2 bonus meat if you vote on all links. They are currently working on crafty crates so we wont get one this month but will recieve 2 next month to compensate. I believe loot crates still work the same.

    I've only been getting 1 magic meat per vote.

  6. Mon Jul 23 15:48:49 2018
    Dice_Boken posted in Add tradepost.

    There WILL be a trading post, there always has been, the admins just haven't gotten around to building it in spawn yet. The building where the trading post is going to be has already been built.

  7. Sun Jul 22 00:36:25 2018

    A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar.

    They sit down at the bar and order a beer.

  8. Thu Jul 19 07:11:30 2018

    How would you send a tp request to an alt? Wouldn’t that require both accounts to be on at the same time? Pardon my being a spaz, I’ve never done alts but I can see it’s advantages as far as having more warps.

  9. Wed Jul 18 14:33:20 2018
    Dice_Boken posted in The future of CraftyMynes!.

    @Cutebot Will bans be reset?

    I'm not staff and even I can tell you the answer will be no on that if they are cheating/hacking bans.

  10. Wed Jul 18 13:59:01 2018
    Dice_Boken posted in Into the new world.

    1.8 spawn
    More of 1.8 spawn. I miss it. Best spawn ever.
    And more 1.8 spawn
    There used to be this thing that Humfry and I would do where we'd epearl on top of the enchanted book build in 1.8 spawn and hang there.
    One final look at 1.8 spawn facing the other way.

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