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  1. yesterday
    Fri Jun 14 21:48:41 2019
    Xenial_Jesse posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    Fun with entity bug:




  2. Fri Jun 14 20:22:42 2019
    Xenial_Jesse posted in Selling God items/Enchants.

    In case legendofzelda can't muster up the exp, I can provide the armour now; all 28 enchants (that matter) already in place.

    Cancel that. Legend's price is good, I'll pass :)

  3. last week
    Sun Jun 9 00:06:30 2019
    Xenial_Jesse posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    You mean 1.13.2 or 1.14.2?

  4. Fri Jun 7 08:37:21 2019
    Xenial_Jesse posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    I wonder how much the upcoming entity count fix in 1.14.3 will work with the recent Crafty magic; perhaps the two will click together in the right way to lock in more of yesterday's great performance.

    Caving might return to being less explosive than yesterday's fun (which was a constant battle even with a full god set), but Pillager raids would still be a great fight.

  5. Fri Jun 7 01:59:57 2019
    Xenial_Jesse posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    Unfortunately during the "bad hours" things did indeed turn to real mush like any other night. The hours I mention in this post all refer to Canada (Ottawa) time.

    It seems from roughly 2pm to 8pm things get insanely bad; that's what I've noticed for several nights now anyway. Tonight was perhaps maybe possibly a bit better (?), but it was still riding on the edge of unplayable from my perspective. Things were down to 7 TPS.

    I'd be hesitant to just write it off as player count, because a) the difference is drastic -- going from 6 to 12 players can't solely be the cause of such a big change, and b) tonight it has clearly performed better with 16 players at around 9pm than it performed with 11 players at around 6pm.

    Once it started improving again (after around 8pm), it was definitely starting to act more like the magical improvement we saw earlier today. It wasn't nearly as good yet, but it did appear to be recovering in a way that didn't happen in previous days, made most evident by the occasional return to 20 TPS. I don't think the server has really hit 20 TPS (or even came close) in the last month until your recent magical fix.

    Anyway, just thoughts and observations. I guess you guys already have logs and stats that can tell you as much without my fuzzy descriptions. So a summary:
    Good hours = mind-blowing good. Drop any thought of spigot like a brick if CM can hold onto that performance.
    Bad hours = still super bad and really frustrating. Personal suspicion about how the performance drop seems to sync up with (real world) time of day more than player count.

    And all that said, playing today on Crafty while it was good was some of the funnest Minecrafting I've had. It was sooo good; especially with raids, and caves just packed with never-ending mobs.

  6. Thu Jun 6 12:28:52 2019
    Xenial_Jesse posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    I hear you did something overnight Crafty.

    Oh my god the improvement at the moment... solid 20 ticks per second for the first time in months... running so well. NICE WORK. Here's hoping it holds up as the "bad hours" hit later on.

    Edit - Like, I can't even express how good it is. Mobs are everywhere in caves and it's actually crazy fun. So much fighting, everything moving fast. Seriously how did this happen! So good :D

  7. Wed Jun 5 11:01:33 2019

    Ooh, I need lily pads. They were really hard to find while .wild was nerfed, and now I just don't spare the time to go hunting for them.

  8. Sun Jun 2 23:05:03 2019
    Xenial_Jesse posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    It's worth acknowledging that right now the biggest causes of lag aren't so much vanilla as they are 1.14.

    1.14.3 in theory could get things back to vanilla 1.13 performance, but we've been through those hopes with 1.14.1 and 1.14.2 already. Plus as others have mentioned, ongoing future versions of Minecraft will give the server more to deal with for each new feature.

  9. Sun Jun 2 18:35:09 2019
    Xenial_Jesse posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    The reality is that vanilla isn't going to solve lag issues like plugins do. The only real reason in this thread to keep going with pure vanilla is in Crafty's replies: time.

    The flipside of that is the other reality: profit.
    The server currently doesn't run in a way that will hold onto players. Right now we *prefer* when there are about 6 players on, and that's not how you want a server population to be thinking.

    Even when we consider the (better) 1.13 performance on Crafty, I just tried another raid/grief-friendly 1.13 server in the US. I'm connecting from Australia and the difference is simply unbelievable. Not one block lagged, even digging with bare hands. At least 80 players on, since 80 is all that could fit on the screen. Mobs moved fast. Tick speed was actually running on time. I didn't know online games could feel that close to single player. It was unbelievable to me while playing but maybe that's actually normal. With over 80 players.

    Even in 1.13 on Crafty we didn't get anything like that. A server on vanilla will tick more slowly more often. It doesn't matter what Mojang should do; they aren't doing it.

    If we can still play the vanilla experience with simply less lag, I'm for it. I love the legit vanilla experience, but we don't have to hold onto a bad thing just because it's been held onto for so long already.

  10. Sun Jun 2 15:50:34 2019
    Xenial_Jesse posted in optifine preview is out.

    PureBDCraft - https://bdcraft.net/downloads/

    Some Optifine-only features it has:

    • Glass and ore blocks join up (so large glass areas are nice and clear)
    • Grass and gravel overflow onto neighbouring blocks
    • Colour variants for most mobs (guessing about different 10 creepers, random headless zombies and lizardmen zombies, occasional white wolves, etc)
    • Skeles carry quivers, spiders walk taller

    They released the 1.14 version, but haven't updated the villager skins yet. "Soon".

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