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  1. 7 months ago
    Wed Jul 11 16:42:13 2018
    BlueSnoww posted in Word Association.


  2. last year
    Tue May 9 05:52:02 2017
    BlueSnoww posted in Retrochewy's Lottery.

    @ghostassasin81 Woah haven't seen you in awhile

    I have been busy however I plan on playing again soon hopefully

  3. Tue May 9 05:01:09 2017
    BlueSnoww posted in Retrochewy's Lottery.

    I'll enter

  4. 2 years ago
    Wed Nov 9 03:00:42 2016
    BlueSnoww started the conversation Can I speak to your management / owner?.

    I would like to report Blackened_Dawn for being so mean. She ruins CraftyMynes for me and has forced me to quit. I chat a lot except for when she is on :( She is constantly abusing me whenever I have a sex joke to make and has kicked me several times. I don't understand how she can just enforce the rules so good .Why the fuck should the players have to follow the rules to a server. I would like to much rather have the server rules revolve around me myself and I. I would much rather play in a server where the staff kiss up to me. I play on servers to make everything about myself. As a server bill donator I am entitled to voice my opinion and say that the owner may not choose to run the server with the rules that he pleases. I own a big chunk of the server. Crafty knows it, Dawn knows it, the admins know, everybody knows it. The staff and rules are so fucked up and everything needs to be revamped because honestly there is no reason for rules to be enforced the way they are.

  5. Tue Oct 11 16:44:00 2016

    I will buy 5 beacons

  6. Tue Oct 11 03:36:07 2016
    BlueSnoww posted in Cutebots' Cheap Convenience.

    I would like 4 stacks of tnt @Cutebot

  7. Sat Oct 8 23:03:39 2016
    BlueSnoww posted in The Cawmpetition!.

    I would like to join the draw

  8. Sun Oct 2 22:08:35 2016
    BlueSnoww posted in Caught Crafty .

    I caught the new helper

  9. Tue Sep 6 21:02:25 2016
    BlueSnoww posted in Katharan Order Recruiting!.

    @AlienArtifact56 It kind of looks like you are hinting that you brought a few stacks of TNT, but I could just be misinterpreting it.

    I don't know you have to ask someone who was there like @iwarriiori or @ukufu

  10. Tue Sep 6 20:57:56 2016
    BlueSnoww posted in Katharan Order Recruiting!.

    Who brought a few stacks of tnt? ;) xD

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