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    Sun Jun 16 13:33:38 2024
    CeruleanShep posted in 1.21 and new map.

    So glad I took those screenshots last night!
    Thanks for the update and see you soon

  2. Thu Jun 13 00:08:19 2024

    I’m just throwing ideas around. If I was being completely honest, the only way I could see this server returning to its former glory is to somehow find more than just me who still enthusiastic about vanilla servers in Java. Clearly, that doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

  3. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Jun 11 06:50:13 2024

    @Schlocked https://imgur.com/5aG9aNC (embedded images don't work cuz dead)


    Yeah I know. I'm trying to stay positive, what can I say?

  4. Wed Jun 5 05:10:22 2024

    @Schlocked cm is doomed tbh

    Trying to remain somewhat positive here lol

  5. 3 weeks ago
    Fri May 31 22:37:50 2024
    CeruleanShep posted in Old Dog misses old Friends.

    I think I remember you! I went by CenterStage97 way back then. Would love to see you back (if you haven't come back already)

  6. Fri May 31 22:33:42 2024

    @Zabolca I like the server just how it is. We need more challenges and competitions like Rnc has posted to keep the interest and build the community. Technically once you beat the dragon the core game is over but most MC players are goal-based: get the armor, build this, farm that, etc. Once they have done all that it starts to get dull and they fall away and starting over isn't always appealing.

    I would like to see a server calendar with annual events. This would encourage others to play long-term or come back.

    Build winners don't always have to have their builds put in spawn if there is a hall of fame showing all the previous winners, what they built, and that they are documented in the Forum for others to view at any time like the challenges.

    Walking through a player hall of fame and seeing just who is the best at parkour, building, or killing mobs in the strangest ways would be fun and add a connection to what would otherwise just be names shown when you hold tab.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

    I totally forgot to respond to this directly! These seem like a ton of fun ideas. Community engagement is definitely something this server needs, and I'd love to participate and/or help run these events when I can

  7. Fri May 31 22:26:27 2024

    @Tez1010 I personally agree its time to start fresh on discord and if we timed it with the expected update to 1.21 and insisted you actually play on the server to join the discord? Basically the general chat is just drivel, and lots of 'goodbyes' as people leave the server. Quite frankly I would not want the young people in my family who all play minecraft, though mostly not on a public server, to join the discord server as it stands and I think it is quite off-putting.

    100% agreed. The discord server needs a well-deserved upgrade, and proper moderation. Plus, all the anti-furry hate I received is still very easily viewable, and that kind of attitude, in jest or otherwise, isn't a good look for a server, not to mention all the "goodbyes"

    As far as vanilla is concerned, yes Craftymynes is technically vanilla, as it uses the unaltered jar file, but with the creature comforts it doesn't really feel vanilla to a lot of people. Changing over to semi vanilla with paper would bring performance improvements, but integrating it with all Craftymynes systems isn't a 5 minute job, and Crafty simply doesn't have time to do it.

    That's fair. Maybe we can pin this thread on the forums and refer back to it if or when Crafty has time to integrate these changes. I'm sure this server wasn't originally build in a few minutes, and I don't expect it to be fixed in a few minutes either. These changes could come as a result of new activity on the server, and seeing what the players want.

    Many people have moved over to bedrock, and java is getting left behind. I don't think there is a simple answer, I'm afraid, but for now we carry on and I will do what I can to help.

    With the 15th anniversary, this may not be as big of an issue as it has been in recent days. That could be my rose-colored glasses talking though. That being said, I fully believe that our last hope would be a strong marketing push. MC has been around for 15 years, well we've been around for 10 and still around! Something to that effect. Use our age as a selling point, and see whatever smaller changes can be implemented. I don't know what Crafty has the time to do these days, if anything. Delegating these changes to the rest of the staff is an option, but I don't know if Crafty would be ok with that. Plus, giving admins and mods access to change the server in these ways may be a process in itself. I'm just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.

    As for Bedrock edition, I don't know what to say about that. I much prefer Java for all the mods and stuff, but Bedrock is getting better all the time, and I must admit it makes the future of Java servers and communities somewhat questionable. As for now, I can only do so much. I could maybe do a base tour on the night of the reset as well as a village tour and post it on my YT channel. Maybe someone could record the "spawn explosion" if we're doing that again and upload it. IDK if CraftyMynes has a dedicated social media presence, but that could be a great start in getting our name back out there.

  8. 5 weeks ago
    Mon May 20 01:08:43 2024

    After having read all of this, I'm most inclined to agree with updating the discord, and using the eventual 1.21 update to bring in new people with another reset. Plus, this year is both the 15th anniversary of MC AND the 10 anniversary of CM. The former alone should (key word) generate some more interest.

    I've been playing CraftyMynes since the beginning, and it's sad to see the server and community in this sad state. I don't want to see CM be lost to time and/or inactivity. At this point we need some sweeping reforms and a big refresh overall. Going with semi-vanilla sounds like a good idea on paper, but in keeping with CM's original identity of standing out, I think we should refrain from using the term "semi-vanilla" when describing the server. When I've told my friends about our server, I always describe it as "99% vanilla", or "vanilla with creature comforts." I mention the sethomes, TP system, trading halls, and other amenities. I'm sure there's a more succinct way of explaining and marketing CM, but I'm just sharing what I've said.

    Add in anti-griefing measures and other semi-vanilla features, enable ban forgiveness for those who've been banned for 2+ years, and see what sticks. Maybe we can market it as 90% vanilla then? lol

    I'd love to help out with the cause in any way I can. If we're gonna try to boost this server to new found glory, we're gonna need all hands on deck. I know I'm not on very often these days. I grew up and became an adult somehow with many adult things that take up time. I'm still very passionate about this server and I'd love to see it make a comeback.

    I know I'm kinda gushing at this point, but I wanted to toss my hat in the ring, even if it's way later than everyone else.

  9. last year
    Tue Aug 9 06:53:17 2022
    CeruleanShep started the conversation CeruleanHusky's Staff Application.

    In Game Name: CeruleanHusky

    Age: 25

    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (+5 GMT, NYC Time)

    Back around Christmas of 2014, I first discovered your server. I was looking for a vanilla server with minimal modifications and "creature comforts" (as it was described to me back then), and CraftyMynes seemed to fit the bill. Now, over 8 1/2 years later, I'm still having a blast playing with everyone and seeing new members come in every day. I even try to pack up and move my base or even build a new one just to explore the server more. I've been here through reset after reset, and I'm always blown away by the amazing builds at spawn, and on the rare occasion I get to see someone else's base or other structures. This most recent run has by far been my most successful from an inventory standpoint. If I had to pick something I didn't like, it would be the way some of the members have treated me, especially after I became an outed furry. However, I've come to the realization that this "hate" was mostly just memes and in good fun. This also mostly occurred on the Discord server and doesn't really affect my in-server experience.

    That being said, I'm always very willing to help out new players by showing them around and giving them food if they ask. Granted, my enthusiasm has gotten me betrayed and killed a few times (once by a hacker awhile ago), but it doesn't kill my helpful intentions and I've seen newbies and experienced players alike enjoy and utilize my creations, such as my "bustling villages" as of late. I was actually surprised that I seemed to be the first (or one of the first) people on the server to open a public village.

    Why you are applying: After playing for so many years, I've wanted to give back and take charge in some way to help further the server. I've been meaning to apply for years now, but I never had enough time to dedicate to helping and/or moderating a server properly with college, IRL obligations, and more recently, issues with family living in the addition of our house. Also, I had COVID at the end of June and I'm just feeling better now. I'm applying for a helper so I can help support and protect the server so others can enjoy a safe and fun vanilla environment, and with Minecraft rising in popularity even more these days, I think this is paramount.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 12482419

    If you could pick one thing about yourself to change what would it be, why would you change it and how would you change it:
    I think I'd like to change my social skills. More specifically, I'd like to change how I interpret body language and social conversations. As I said before, I was really put off by the teasing directed towards me for being a furry. I was so bothered by it that I've refused to re-join the discord. However, it took someone to explain to me that it was all for memes and for fun that I understood why it was happening. Even still, I'm very hesitant re-joining because of how it bothers me.

    Any additional information or notes: I am regularly inspired by the legendary Crewman06. I've spent lots of time at his farm and helped him maintain it in the past. My goal is to be like him and always be "happy to help", as he says.

  10. 4 years ago
    Mon May 4 08:04:17 2020
    CeruleanShep posted in CraftyCrate Treasure Hunt .

    Did anyone find these yet?

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