LifelongStew7's Ban Appeal

  1. 7 months ago
    Edited 7 months ago by LifeLongStew7


    Using a VPN/Proxy

    I have been a consistent fair player on this server. The VPN was not malicious, I forgot I had it on when I logged on and was instantaneously banned. I feel an appeal would be fair after several clean years without any issues, I am also a VIP, with that in mind it would make no sense for me to buy VIP and then cheat, getting banned from this server after spending money. It seems a shame to be banned because I forgot I had my VPN on once. With no ill intent. I unwilling fully and unknowingly logged onto the server with a non-bot/cheating VPN on. I wish to also declare, if the appeal goes through in the future, I will make sure that my VPN is not on.

  2. You should be good now to log in.

  3. We need to keep these VPN bans on to stop all the spammers and hackers. I have added you to the whitelist so it wont happen again.

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