New mod approval request: No Chat Reports

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    This client-side mod strips the necessary metadata from chat messages that allows Microsoft to link your Minecraft account's chat activity to your Microsoft account, meaning that players can not report you using Microsoft's report system. It works for both Forge and Fabric.

    Why is this necessary?

    Microsoft recently implemented a global ban system that works on the Microsoft account level (see:

    In theory, this would allow people to report someone for misconduct on another server and prevent them from acting up on other servers.

    Sounds good, right? The issue with this is that this system is designed terribly. There are several exploiters that are now presently abusing the system to permanently ban entire servers worth of players. If you get your Microsoft account banned, your access to online servers is completely revoked:


    This mod's purpose is to disassociate the messages you send from your Microsoft account, thereby protecting you from any possible ban exploit or other such abuse.


    This mod only works if CraftyMynes sets enforce-secure-profile to false. If this is otherwise set to true, the server enforces the cryptographic metadata that the Minecraft client sends, which means that any person logged in would be presently vulnerable to the mass ban exploit.

    This chat ban system isn't even necessary for CraftyMynes anyways. The staff handles chat infractions and bans accordingly; there is no need to add an extra abusable layer on top of it. So, I suggest that enforce-secure-profile also be set to false.

  2. It's a mod though? That's not vanilla.

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    @TimmyBoyT It's a mod though? That's not vanilla.

    Client mods are allowed to be used by players if they get approved by the staff. This thread is a request for the staff to approve this mod for use on clients.

  4. Update:

    It is now possible to forge messages with hacks and create a fake report on any person:

    This mod is the easiest defense against this because the hackers would not be able to use any of your messages in a report.

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