CeruleanHusky's Staff Application

  1. 5 months ago

    In Game Name: CeruleanHusky

    Age: 25

    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (+5 GMT, NYC Time)

    Back around Christmas of 2014, I first discovered your server. I was looking for a vanilla server with minimal modifications and "creature comforts" (as it was described to me back then), and CraftyMynes seemed to fit the bill. Now, over 8 1/2 years later, I'm still having a blast playing with everyone and seeing new members come in every day. I even try to pack up and move my base or even build a new one just to explore the server more. I've been here through reset after reset, and I'm always blown away by the amazing builds at spawn, and on the rare occasion I get to see someone else's base or other structures. This most recent run has by far been my most successful from an inventory standpoint. If I had to pick something I didn't like, it would be the way some of the members have treated me, especially after I became an outed furry. However, I've come to the realization that this "hate" was mostly just memes and in good fun. This also mostly occurred on the Discord server and doesn't really affect my in-server experience.

    That being said, I'm always very willing to help out new players by showing them around and giving them food if they ask. Granted, my enthusiasm has gotten me betrayed and killed a few times (once by a hacker awhile ago), but it doesn't kill my helpful intentions and I've seen newbies and experienced players alike enjoy and utilize my creations, such as my "bustling villages" as of late. I was actually surprised that I seemed to be the first (or one of the first) people on the server to open a public village.

    Why you are applying: After playing for so many years, I've wanted to give back and take charge in some way to help further the server. I've been meaning to apply for years now, but I never had enough time to dedicate to helping and/or moderating a server properly with college, IRL obligations, and more recently, issues with family living in the addition of our house. Also, I had COVID at the end of June and I'm just feeling better now. I'm applying for a helper so I can help support and protect the server so others can enjoy a safe and fun vanilla environment, and with Minecraft rising in popularity even more these days, I think this is paramount.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 12482419

    If you could pick one thing about yourself to change what would it be, why would you change it and how would you change it:
    I think I'd like to change my social skills. More specifically, I'd like to change how I interpret body language and social conversations. As I said before, I was really put off by the teasing directed towards me for being a furry. I was so bothered by it that I've refused to re-join the discord. However, it took someone to explain to me that it was all for memes and for fun that I understood why it was happening. Even still, I'm very hesitant re-joining because of how it bothers me.

    Any additional information or notes: I am regularly inspired by the legendary Crewman06. I've spent lots of time at his farm and helped him maintain it in the past. My goal is to be like him and always be "happy to help", as he says.

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