Request for clear rules about lava casting

  1. 8 months ago

    Could we please get more clarity about where exactly lava casts will and won't get removed and update the server rules on the forums accordingly to avoid further confusion/misinformation?

    I keep getting my lava casts removed because they're too close to spawn. Each time this happened, I asked the staff member involved how far away I need to make the next one for it to be allowed to stay. The first answer was the .survival range, I listened and made one outside that range just for it to get removed again. I later made one 5k blocks away thinking it would finally be far enough, that got removed too and now I get told it's .wild range I need to stay outside of. I'm honestly having trouble believing that doing it outside of any range is going to stop anyone from removing it, unless there's a clear server rule stating where it's allowed to stay.

    If I make them at my own base, could those at least be allowed to stay? I know a lot of staff members think lava casts are ugly but I personally disagree and want to make them near/part of my own base. But right now I'm afraid of even doing that. Because if the wrong person sees a lot of cobblestone, they might delete my base.

  2. We clean the area around .wild (up to 15k) to prevent new players from landing in a wasteland upon arrival. This means destroyed bases, lava casts and other unsightly objects are removed.

    As for lava casts, they are arguably ugly to look at, more so, they are brutal on the server. Each time the water moves it creates an update. On the first level it's only 4 updates, on the next level its 8 updates, by the time you hit 20 levels deep its over 1 million updates. I would say unless you are building outside 15k, actively living in that area and making it more than just a method of messing up the land. You can expect it to be cleaned up.

  3. Ah okay, fair enough. I didn't know that they were that demanding, assumed that they were allowed to be built because the server didn't struggle with it too badly. I'll just refrain from doing it all together probably,
    I don't want to cause any lag or potentially crash the server. If I build part of my base with casts, I'll maybe ask an admin to overlook what I'm doing so they can tell me to stop before I go too far. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.

  4. If you can keep it to only filling a few rows at a time, its ok. The issue arises when you go up to build height limit and make it go in all directions.

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