Harrassment from unknown player

  1. 11 months ago

    Title of the thread: Some unknown player is harassing birdfrock and hacking spawn to do it.

    Reason for reporting the player: spawn hacking, unauthorized access.

    Sustainable Proof/Evidence:
    They replaced the text over the [Knowledge Guardians] at .enchant with the following text:
    "I killed your cats, birdfrock"
    "I will do it again"
    I have screenshots.

    I think this player may have some level of admin access. I believe this is the same player that has repeatedly greifed our community area and may have used Spectator mode to facilitate their greifing. I get that greifing is allowed on this server but I don't think that using admin capabilities to do it is fair game.

  2. Edited 11 months ago by birdfrock

    I've talked to Crafty about this and he's on it. he's not to pleased with it either. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


  3. Thank you for reporting this. They have been fixed.

  4. Also, whoever that was, did so without any special powers. Just a normal player.

  5. @Dennari43 Thank you for reporting this. They have been fixed.

    Do we know who did it? if so, may we know too?

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