Renewed my VIP+ but did get it

  1. 9 months ago

    Renewed my VIP+ but did get it

  2. Really sorry about this. The name was lower case, it should be fixed now.

    Our store provider we have been using has been changing a lot of stuff on their end breaking my systems. I had a system that would fix name case before it got to the server to prevent names entered with the wrong case not getting delivered in game but its broken right now.

    I am re-writing the store at the moment for many reasons, they charge sales tax on top of the price we set but we don't bring in enough to qualify for it so it just goes to them and the government they report to. They also take a 5% cut on top of the payment gateway fee of like 2.9% + $0.30, even though they still charge $15/month. To make matters worse, they just started to take down all our items from the store claiming that we did not explicitly say what you get in the description. They said that players will charge back and cause many issues but the records show we have only had 2 charge backs in 9+ years for reasons unrelated to the product listing.

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