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  1. 7 months ago
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    About Myself: I am observant, personable, and willing to assist whenever needed. I have real-life customer service experience which means I am well-trained in diffusing difficult situations in a diplomatic fashion when required but have no issue enforcing the rules as well. I will also follow whatever guidelines are placed as needed.

    If you could pick one thing about yourself to change what would it be, why would you change it and how would you change it: I think I would likely change the fact that I am unable to be on as much as I would like. I will be arranging this and making certain that I will be here more often.

    Why you are Applying: It was suggested that I consider applying as Staff on the server. I am also a former Staff on a previous server and somewhat enjoyed the experience. I have also seen situations where we might need a few more Helpers and would love to help out on CraftyMynes! I have also been staff here and left of my own volition but am now able to return so I would like to have that chance.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): (for this section please type: "ticks?" when you are online in the server) 5346254 ticks

    Custom Note (optional): I left because I did not have a lot of time. Time is steadily getting easier and I would like to have another shot. If you would like to speak to me, let me know. Thanks!

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