Let's make this short and clear.
Ya'll know that I disbanded the Company.
I tried to set up a team of incredible builders instead, but this wasn't working that well and only building all the time was boring tho. But now, since my final exams are over, I have lot's of time to reorganize my faction.
I am now officially reviving the Strangers Company. Our policy changed a little bit tho. We are still not warmakers, but our pacifistic days are over. We learned from our past mistakes, we wont do them twice.
An official member roster will be published soon. Regarding the Federation, this project is over, it was fun as long as it lasted.
With the help of our ally, the Harvestar Building Guild, we should be able to regain our ancient power soon.
We have a lack of manpower tho, since many of our former members are not active anymore. So we are searching for people of all kind. Recruitment criteria is that you have Discord and a working mic.
Our slogan is the same then the Federation's one.