Staff Application Template.

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    Everyone applying for staff:

    Please follow this format for your application to be considered. Please copy and paste the template and remove anything in brackets ().

    Title of the thread: (your in-game name here)'s Staff Application

    In Game Name:

    Age: (Please note an age restriction of 16+ applies)

    Time Zone:

    Tell us a bit about yourself: (How long have you played here, What do you like about the server, what do you dislike about the server, what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, etc. (Please note when we ask about strengths and weaknesses we are looking for your opinion of yourself not your ability with Redstone / if you are a good builder))

    Why you are applying:

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): (for this section please type: "ticks?" when you are online in the server)

    If you could pick one thing about yourself to change what would it be, why would you change it and how would you change it:

    Any additional information or notes: (Optional)


    You need more than 10 millions ticks to apply for staff.

    As for the responses, ONLY authorized STAFF are allowed to answer staff applications. Posting to +1 your friend or approve their application will see your comments removed.

    Thank you,


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