Qfu' Ban Appeal new

  1. 3 years ago

    IGN: Qfu
    Reason for ban: Attempting to Pearl in trade room

    Why I should be unbanned: I did not have the intention to cause any distress or chaos. I admit that I did do a mistake as I was being very curious and was not thinking of the consequences and I'm very sorry for doing so. Though I do not think that this misuse treats me a straight ban from the server I very much love. I now see that one I've done is wrong and should not be done again. I will refrain to not abuse the ender Pearl or anything else in the future, thanks.

    Sincerely Qfu,

  2. You have been on the server long enough to know the rules, not only that but you attempted to pearl into an active trade, attempted it more than once and then tried to pearl into the middle where the items where. Be it out of curiosity or what have you its no excuse not only that but as mentioned done during a trade which has malicious intent behind it as the items could have been stolen,no matter how you may look at it it would have been a mess to deal with.
    It definitely deserved an outright ban and the other staff seems to agree.
    You will be unbanned in 5 days see u then

  3. You have been pardoned.


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