I'm a semi-active player playing pretty much solo (I have a RL friend/basemate that's on and off again with MC so he's worthless lol). There's a lot of things I want, not as much time to trade for them, and even less time to go get them myself.

I'm looking for an active group dedicated to buying merchandise for me. Here's my proposal:


  1. Has to have at least 2 members.
  2. Has to have a positive CraftyMynes work/play history. Being an already active shop is a plus.
  3. Has to have at least 1 hour per week available to perform buyer activities and available around 4 days/week on the server so I know I have a good chance to be on to do trades with them.

Buying on my behalf:

  1. I submit 1 signed receipt and 1 unsigned copy for my list of desired items, quantity, my proposed offers, and expected buyer's commission.
  2. Buyer reviews request, and if accepted, signs the copy and gives back to me.
  3. I give a non-refundable emerald block for every different item requested.
  4. Buyer(s) go out and tries to find/trade for desired items at offered price, or lower. Any profits gained from acquiring items at lower deals goes to buyer. There is no deadline for the buyer, but after 2 weeks I am released from the obligation to buy the items on the list.
  5. Buyer posts on forum or simply finds me in-game to coordinate trades.
  6. I purchase the item from buyer at proposed offers, plus the contracted buyer's commission that was agreed upon. In addition, we trade our signed receipts.
  7. Upon trade of receipts, contract is fulfilled.

Additional Notes:

  • The receipts are considered binding contracts. Failure for either party to meet its duties is considered scamming and would be submitted to the local magistrate for evaluation and resolution (likely through application of a battle bread or cactus to the face) :P
  • Upon striking a trading agreement, I request a business card be provided (a signed book, containing the name of the buyer group, and a list of the members to do buying activities).
  • There may be potential to do selling of items on my behalf after a period of time and if I have the inventory to give.

Interested parties please let me know here or in game.

~ Valgys